ONIKOROSHI by Eon de Beaumont and Augusta Li is today's spotlight book!

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In the sequel to Tree Fingers, scholar-magician Alan has planned a romantic trip to a Japanese hot spring to celebrate one year with his partner, Graham. They arrive in the rural village of Inaba in time to witness the Bon-Matsuri: the lantern festival to welcome back the spirits of the ancestors.

Graham quickly realizes something isn't right in the little town, and that Alan may have had ulterior motives for visiting the area. Frustrated that Alan's curiosity about the supernatural has put them in danger again, Graham must decide whether to return to safety or stay face the creatures threatening the village.


He’d been exhausted after the long flight from America to Japan, the three-hour bus ride from Kyoto, and the half hour blindfolded in a taxi. Now, feeling Alan’s body tremble at his touch, Graham felt not only restored but energized with lust. Alan curled his spine to press his ass against Graham’s erection. Graham’s hand yanked at Alan’s hair, positioning Alan’s face so that he could drill his tongue into Alan’s mouth. He could see Alan naked, sprawled out over the tatami mats. As he explored Alan’s hot, moist palate, he could imagine how it would feel to straddle Alan’s face and thrust his cock into Alan’s eager throat.

“Can we?” Graham panted.

“Gods, yes,” Alan replied, grinding his tailbone against Graham’s root. “I want you.”

Popping the buttons of Alan’s fly, Graham found his cock tip and began thumbing it just as a foreign voice announced itself. Frustrated and disappointed, Graham replaced his lover’s clothing. “Yes?” he called.

The shoji screen parted and a young woman entered the room with a tray. She spoke a few words Graham didn’t understand and began arranging some plates on the table.

“We’re just in time for breakfast,” Alan said.

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