2050 - Mychael Black, Shayne Carmichael 39 and Still Holding - Robin Slick A Certain Way - Renee Blaine A Crown Of Stars - L.E. Bryce A Diamond in the Rough - Shawn Bailey
It's a new month, a new season coming and we have hot new deals for you! First, we invite you to stock up on Phaze Books titles at All Romance today while their 30% rebate is still happening. We're still doing the daily deals at ARe, so be sure to check our Facebook or Twitter for new titles. This month, we've started weekly bargains for Amazon Kindle!

For the next five days, save on the following eBooks:

2050 by Mychael Black and Shayne Carmichael (was $5.99, now $1.99!) - Visions of blood and death haunt Richie England. A new serial killer is stalking the city, and Richie finds himself in the middle of a frightening pyschological battle with the killer and the spectres behind the evil.

39 and Still Holding by Robin Slick, ed. (was $4.99, now $1.99!) - Still 40, still sexy. This second volume of smart, seductive fiction proves that love has no maximum age limit. Featuring the works of Barbara Foster, N.L. Belardes, Greg Boose, Ansley Vaughan, Santana Smith, and more!

A Certain Way by Renee Blaine (was $2.99, now $.99!) - Laura has been living her life a certain -- her husband's way. When she discovers the truth of her husband's controlling ways and infidelity, she looks for a friend's guidance. Daniel, her best friend of ten years, provides a shoulder to cry on, and so much much more, helping Laura find her own way in life.


A Crown of Stars by L.E. Bryce (was $5.99, now $1.99!) - The sequel to My Sun and Stars! Eighteen years have passed, giving rise to a new generation, and new conflicts in the struggle for the throne of Rhodeen. When Zhanil sets out on a clandestine mission into his father's homeland, now ruled by the Turyar, his actions are a catalyst, drawing him into the embrace of the Turya warrior destined to be his soul mate, and propelling him on a journey that may just fulfill an ancient prophecy.

A Diamond in the Rough by Shawn Bailey (was $4.99, now $1.99!) - Gunther Norwich, heir to the throne of England meets a young man at a club and likes what he sees. The young man turns out to be none other than Blaine Angelo, his younger brother Piers' wedding planner. While Piers and Penelope plan to spend the rest of their lives together, Blaine and Gunther meet for secret a rendezvous at Blaine's private S/M club.

Meanwhile, Prince Edward, Piers' and Gunther's cousin has his eye on Anastasia Angelo, Blaine's older sister. Nothing is exactly what it seems. Are the princes as happy as they appear or will one of them discover they've made a very big mistake?

We'll announce new sales as they happen. Happy reading!