A Knight at the Speedway - Jaxx Steele A Knight's Tale - Jade Falconer A Magical Story - Shayne Carmichael A Matter of Trust - Zena Wynn Truth or Dare - Leigh Ellwood

All this week we have select contemporary and LGBT romances on sale at Amazon for under a dollar each! This is a great time to fill your Kindle with stories by your favorite Phaze authors, including:


A Knight at the Speedway by Jaxx Steele (M/M) - Professional motorcyclist Khristopher Knight's greatest day comes when he qualifies to race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, until he realizes he has no one with whom to share the moment. Artis Kent has not seen Kris since college. With his race ticket in hand, he has the chance to meet the riders and maybe open the lines of communication again.


A Knight's Tale by Jade Falconer (M/M) - When young Lord Thomas' father is killed, the King sends a band of knights, led by handsome Sir Henry, to protect the lands over Lord Thomas' objections. Though their love is forbidden, over time, they cannot deny how they yearn for each other.


A Magical Story by Shayne Carmichael (M/M) - In less than one match, Hawk finds his life completely changed, and he now belongs to the wizard, Brael. Regardless of the fact Hawk has adored Brael since his youth, he's now a grown man and things are different. But are they really?


A Matter of Trust by Zena Wynn (M/F) - Traci Morgan thinks her marriage is over. Her husband, Rick, is determined to prove her wrong. What he'll need is a blindfold, a few silk scarves, and a whole lot of trust from Traci to put things right between them.


Truth or Dare by Leigh Ellwood (M/F) - Rock legend Brady Garriston finds his muse in the lovely and uninhibited school teacher Ellie Shaw, and soon the two are making more than just beautiful music together. But will Brady's deception bring on a sour note to their relationship? And what of the secret Ellie is keeping from Brady?


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